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QUALITY DISPOSAL provides bi-weekly curbside recycling service in the cities of Mora and Ogilvie. Customers east of Union St and north of Maple are collected on “A” weeks. Customers west of Union St and south of Maple St and in Ogilvie are collected on “B” weeks. For details click here to go to our collection page.

Our collection is “Single Sort”, meaning you can mix all of the items together in one container.


You asked and we answered!

We are now offering wheeled carts for our free, one sort, curbside recycling within city limits of Mora and Ogilvie!

If you currently have a recycle bin and it suits your needs, feel free to continue using it! But, if you have multiple bins, and/or recycle a lot, please call the office so we can get you set up!

We are allowing customers to purchase the red bins also! If you want to keep your red bin and have a cart, there is an $8 fee for each bin kept. If we pull the bin off the route and you purchase it from us here at the shop, it is $10.

If this has been your hold up as to why you haven’t switched to your local, reliable hauler – here’s your chance!!!

We are doing everything we can to stay up-to-date with our customers needs and wants!!!!

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The following items are acceptable:
Aluminum and tin cans
Glass bottles and Jars
All #1 and #2 plastics
Other plastic bottles and jugs with necks
Please give containers and lids a good rinse and put the lids back on before adding to your recycling bin. NO scrap metal, aerosol or paint cans, dishes, drinking glasses or vases, window glass, light bulbs, molded plastics, or plastic bags.

News papers
Junk mail/office paper
Paper bags
NO paper plates, napkins, tissues, wrapping paper or newspapers still in plastic bags

Paperboard (cereal boxes, twelve packs, etc.)
Please flatten all boxes. NO wax coated cardboard or cartons

QUALITY DISPOSAL also operates a drop off center at our facility in Ogilvie.
Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Saturday from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.